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Student sues after 'sarcastic' tweet gets him #suspended

Some of our California readers may remember a time when what you said outside of the classroom had no bearing on your ability to continue going to school. But now with advancements in technology and social media, it seems like many school districts across the nation are extending their reach a little far, perhaps even encroaching on a student’s right to freedom of speech as well.

Conference to be held regarding 4-year-old education lawsuit

An out-of-state matter against one school district has been ongoing for close to four years. A lawsuit was filed against schools for not catering to the needs of disabled children. This would include students suffering from autism, bipolar disorder and hyperactivity. Attorneys on both sides decided to meet in an attempt to reach a compromise.

Costly dispute between school district and deaf student continues

It appears that school districts are often willing to spend a great deal of money in defending against education lawsuits.  One such lawsuit involving an out-of-state school district's alleged failure to provide educational services for a deaf student has been fought for over four years.  The lawsuit originally began in state court and looks like it will continue in federal court as well.

Conditions for students comparable to maximum security prison

Federal agencies have intervened in a legal matter concerning special education students from Contra Costa County in California. It is claimed that these students were locked into solitary confinement for as much as 23 hours a day.

Federal laws in place to protect special education students

One young boy was diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. However, school officials told the boy's mother that this did not fit the criteria needed for special accommodations to be granted. Apparently the school officials were incorrect about this.

California Supreme Court rules on special education matter

One California resident was diagnosed with specific learning deficiencies when he was in second grade. He unfortunately ran into problems with the law at the age of 15. He then was placed into a juvenile facility where he was provided with special education as mandated by the California Education Code.

School district sued for denying special education classes

There have been two separate lawsuits recently filed in federal court concerning possible difficulties that parents have faced regarding the education of their children. In one of these matters parents claim that school officials would not provide their daughter with special education services.

Lawsuit brought on behalf of Native American students

Two California school districts are the subject of allegations made concerning their treatment of Native American students. At both schools, questionable practices have been alleged that could lead to the perpetuating of inaccurate stereotypes concerning Native American individuals. There have also been accusations of a disproportionate amount of suspensions of Native Americans - often for what has been deemed minor infractions.

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