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Special ed teacher speaks up for students and faces retaliation

One special education attorney has brought a federal lawsuit against a school district due to retaliation he faced after trying to raise awareness concerning special education issues.  He felt that his students suffering with disabilities were discriminated against.  However, after trying to advocate for these children he claimed that his rights were violated as he faced retaliation from the school district.

Low-income schools to receive special education coordinators

There has been an ongoing lawsuit concerning layoffs of teachers in a number of low-income middle schools in Los Angeles Unified School District that has just been settled.  The so-called churning of teachers was said to be responsible for instability within the school district.  It has also been believed that higher rates of retention and additional specialized training will prevent further layoffs from occurring.

Costly dispute between school district and deaf student continues

It appears that school districts are often willing to spend a great deal of money in defending against education lawsuits.  One such lawsuit involving an out-of-state school district's alleged failure to provide educational services for a deaf student has been fought for over four years.  The lawsuit originally began in state court and looks like it will continue in federal court as well.

Out-of-district placements focus of special education lawsuit

A federal lawsuit has been settled concerning one state's Department of Education oversight of special education needs of particular students.  The concern was the high level of segregation that occurred in that state's special education program.

School destroys records for a special education student

One out-of-state school district is accused of destroying records concerning a special education student in an effort to keep information away from the family. This attempt is said to have cost taxpayers over $200,000. More importantly, issues as to whether the school district can be trusted have been raised.

Conditions for students comparable to maximum security prison

Federal agencies have intervened in a legal matter concerning special education students from Contra Costa County in California. It is claimed that these students were locked into solitary confinement for as much as 23 hours a day.

Federal laws in place to protect special education students

One young boy was diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. However, school officials told the boy's mother that this did not fit the criteria needed for special accommodations to be granted. Apparently the school officials were incorrect about this.

Problem with IEP prompted rulings for special needs student

The mother of a child suffering from autism, ADHD and an intellectual disability finally was provided favorable decisions by her state's department of education.  The department ruled on Dec. 18 that the school district in question failed to provide an appropriate education for her child for the 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 school years.

California Supreme Court rules on special education matter

One California resident was diagnosed with specific learning deficiencies when he was in second grade. He unfortunately ran into problems with the law at the age of 15. He then was placed into a juvenile facility where he was provided with special education as mandated by the California Education Code.

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