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Why parents often enlist proven legal help at IEP meetings

Angie Krum is a writer whose work regularly appears in a variety of national publications.

Like legions of other people, she is also a parent. A piece that Krum recently wrote for one magazine underscores her identity as the mother of a middle-school student with special educational needs.

Krum’s key focus in her article is on so-called Individualized Education Programs, which are central fixtures in the lives of all special ed students in California and nationally. An IEP is developed for every American child who is eligible for special education services.

We note on our website at the proven pro-parent special education law firm of Steven A. Greenburg in Santa Cruz a central point concerning an IEP. Namely, we stress that, “The IEP process is complex, and each phase has its own procedures and deadlines.” The rules and details routinely challenge parents. In fact, they sometimes overwhelm them.

Krum readily admits that. She states that the periodic notices she receives concerning IEP-linked meeting requirements and updates fill her with “escalating dread.” The once- or twice-yearly sit downs with teachers, testers, psychologists, administrators and other parties sometimes intimidate and confuse her. She feels conflicted and pressured. She worries about the continuity and rationality of her daughter’s educational plan.

Her concerns and fears are from being singular or isolated. Indeed, the IEP mandate and process routinely challenges parents. They often feel, as does Krum, an “undeniable feeling of anxiety, frustration and fear closing in” during meetings.

That doesn’t have to be the case. We duly note on our website that parents have a right to have a special ed legal professional present at IEP meetings. An empathetic, knowledgeable and assertive attorney can help mothers and fathers promote their child’s best interests, advocating on their behalf to ensure a best-case outcome

We routinely do that at Steven A. Greenburg. We welcome contacts to the firm and the opportunity to discuss our proven advocacy for valued and diverse clients in special education matters.

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