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The process for identifying special needs and providing services

Ideally, it shouldn’t be hard.

Yet, is often is. And the resulting challenges for California parents who are understandably deeply concerned with their child’s well-being can be stark and complex.

We spotlight today the process for formally identifying a California child’s special educational needs and thereafter taking proactive action to secure services that optimally address them.

We are duly concerned with that at the long-established education law firm of Steven A. Greenburg in Santa Cruz. Our principal attorney believes it should be no gargantuan task to provide a disabled child with the meaningful education that he or she is legally entitled to under both federal and state law.

What should be routinely expected, though, doesn’t always materialize in real life. That caveat holds especially true in the realm of special education, where challenges do sometimes confront loving parents seeking to understand and successfully negotiate the special ed process.

That process is laid out in this government link addressing “Special Education Rights for Children and Families” across California.

Inquiring parents might reasonably find the imparted information to be generally helpful. Having noted that, though, it must also be stated that proven pro-family legal counsel can materially help moms and dads optimally understand the challenges, hurdles and opportunities linked with the state’s special ed process.

An experienced attorney who routinely advocates for families in special education matters frequently provides material assistance on issues that include the following:

  • Specific disabilities that qualify for special ed services
  • Magnitude of a disability, especially the degree to which it renders learning a challenge
  • Tailored programs and services available to optimally promote learning
  • Demonstrated advocacy interacting with officials and bureaucrats

California parents should know that their child has an unchecked legal right to meaningful and “least restrictive” learning opportunities. A practiced and empathetic special education attorney can provide further information.

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