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Focus on IEPs in California, elsewhere in new teachers’ survey

The national nonprofit group Council for Exceptional Children conducted a survey earlier this year that should intensely interest all K-12 educators, school regulators, parents and others who logically care about educational quality and delivery.

One of its core findings was this: Barely more than half of general education teachers responding nationally to the survey view Individualized Education Programs as being of much worth to them in their interactions with special education students. Commentary on the survey stresses that legions of general-ed instructors see IEPs “as mere paperwork.”

Contrast that clearly shocking survey takeaway with what a keystone article discussing the survey notes about special-ed teachers. They overwhelmingly view IEPs “as essential documents that play a large role in determining student and teacher success.” Those individuals working most closely with students having IEPs know that an optimally tailored and periodically revisited IEP in hand is a flat prerequisite for ensuring an educational strategy geared toward success.

The council’s report underscores the challenges that committed and insightful special-ed teachers say they confront from misconceptions surrounding IEP and 504 plans.

We readily note those challenges and mistaken views at the Santa Cruz special education law firm of Steven A. Greenburg.

Moreover, we are singularly well placed to confront them and forge positive IEP outcomes. We duly stress on our website the firm’s inside knowledge of IEP particulars and processes. And we modestly point to our many years of experience helping valued clients from across California “fight for the services to which their children are entitled.”

California children with special education needs have strong rights under both federal and state laws. Our law firm helps to ensure their application and enforcement. We welcome contacts from individuals and families with questions or concerns regarding any aspect of this important subject matter.

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