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What are some primary consideration re IEP due process hearings?

State and federal laws mandate that American children with learning and other disabilities have a right to a meaningful education. That is as it should be, of course, and pro-child/pro-parent special education attorneys often deem it their privileged life’s work to fully promote that crucially important interest.

Centrally important in the special education sphere in California and nationally is the so-called Individualized Education Plan that is developed between parents and relevant officials. An IEP is an action plan that sets forth the type and parameters of services and related accommodations that a student needs in a given case.

The IEP entails a complex process with a number of detailed procedures and deadlines. Sometimes parents and school authorities disagree over the details. And in some instances, too, officials refuse to even entertain the idea of an IEP, insisting that a child is not eligible for special education.

When any such outcome occurs, parents can request a due process hearing, which can obviously be critically important to a child’s future.

We provide on a relevant page of the special education law firm of Steven A. Greenburg fundamental information concerning IEP due process hearings that we believe many parents might want to closely peruse. It is presented from the perspective of mistakes that school authorities sometimes make that spur escalated formal proceedings. If you are a concerned parent of a child with disabilities and/or special needs, you might reasonably want to insist on the following (and have proven legal counsel beside you):

  • Clear and response explanations from officials concerning rules, procedures and the rationale for any material decisions
  • Your full inclusion and involvement on all IEP matters (you are parents; no one is more concerned with your child’s welfare than you)
  • Transparency and a fully realized plan concerning any transition plan
  • An unhurried atmosphere fully conducive to a complete airing of all issues, with an opportunity for future contacts/meetings that fully promote that key interest

As loving parents, you know that the contacts you have with school officials concerning special education eligibility and opportunities go to the heart of your child’s best interests. A proven and empathetic special education attorney can help you fully promote them.

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