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For parents wondering about their child’s special education rights

Do you ever wonder as a California parent if your child is being shortchanged by curtailed educational prospects? Do you perhaps think that learning opportunities routinely afforded others are not as readily available to your son or daughter owing to a disability or singular challenge?

Rest assured, no law sanctions such an outcome for California students participating in special education programs. In fact, bedrock protections have long existed to safeguard every child’s legal entitlements. We expressly note in a recent blog post at the proven education law firm of Steven A. Greenburg in Santa Cruz a key point that should make parents of children with special needs feel empowered.

That is this: “Special education is not a privilege for those who need it; rather, it is a legal right conferred through strong federal and state laws.”

One such law is the seminal Rehabilitation Act of 1973, which was the first disability rights provision ever enacted in the United States. We spotlight that legislation’s Section 504 on our website, noting especially its school-linked ban against discrimination focused on children with learning disabilities and their open access to full educational opportunities.

That statutory law is supplemented by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. IDEA ensures that children eligible for special education programs have all the resources they need to maximize their opportunities.

In addition to these important federal laws, California regulators have drafted legislation over the years that further addresses special education and its vital role in promoting equal opportunities for all students.

There is likely no more edifying work for a lawyer than the role that can be played as an advocate for families logically seeking the best special education services and outcomes for their child.

Every child has an ethical and legal right to a quality education.

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