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Making the second half of the school year better for your child

Students across California are returning to school after the winter break, whether they feel ready or not. Unfortunately, some students may be dreading this return, particularly if they had a difficult first half of the year.

If your child is among those who struggled, then there are ways you can help them improve their experience in the second half of the year.

Acting fast (but not too fast)

One of the ways parents can help their child is to get (or stay) involved. This could mean talking to the teachers, seeking out tutors or requesting additional aid resources. Parents would be wise to do this fairly quickly after their child returns to school.

However, make sure to give teachers and administrators some time to adjust back to school as well. Consider waiting a couple days -- or maybe a couple weeks -- before holding any meetings or conferences.

Exploring additional resources

If a child has an Individualized Education Program or 504 plan, now can be a good time to make any necessary adjustments to the plan. And rather than making a complete overhaul of the plan, consider focusing on a couple especially concerns areas and tackling those.

As this article notes, though, don't just focus on what areas need work. Make a note of solutions that are working and make sure those are in place for the remainder of the year.

Reassessing expectations

If you, your child or your teacher are disappointed but the child's performance is in line with his or her capabilities, it may be wise to reassess the expectations. Improvement and growth doesn't happen overnight; remind yourself and others that it can take time to see positive changes.

The second part of the school year presents new challenges and opportunities for students. By being involved in his or her academic experience, you can help set your child up for success. And if there are parties or problems standing in the way of that success, you can play a pivotal role in addressing those by seeking legal guidance to protect your child's rights.

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