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Is your child's school delivering what it promises?

No matter where your child goes to school, you should expect that he or she will receive an education. And when the school specifically advertises certain educational approaches or services, you should expect your child to receive those as well.

Unfortunately, too many parents learn a difficult lesson when they discover a school has misled parents about its offerings. In some cases, these failures can and do lead to legal action. 

For example, you might enroll your child at a private, charter or Montessori school specifically because the educators and administrators promise certain amenities and solutions that public schools do not. Often, this means paying a lot more money.

Schools that fail to deliver on their promises can rob parents of money and children of an education.

One woman says this is what happened when she, her husband and her stepson's mother enrolled her stepson in a school advertising itself as a Montessori school. After just a few months, the parents learned that the school was not an actual Montessori school, and many promises about the school's quality and education from the director were discovered to be false

What can parents do?

To avoid this type of situation, it is crucial that parents do their homework about a school. Look up the history and reviews of the school; make sure the school is accredited or associated with an accredited program; visit during off hours and take note of children's behaviors, what supplies are available and what the teachers are doing.

Parents can also talk to their child, students at the school and parents of students to get a first-hand account of how the school operates and the results it delivers.

If a school fails to live up to its assurances, parents would be wise to be direct in their questions and criticisms to school officials. Withdrawing the student may be necessary. In some cases, legal action may be justified. While this cannot undo the damage done already, it can help parents recover financial losses and prevent other families from suffering a similar experience.

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