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Filling the gaps for special education students

Every parent wants their child to succeed when it comes to education. We want them to feel excited, passionate and supported when they go to school. However, countless students don't feel this way because they don't get the things they need in class.

This disparity can stem from lacking resources and assistance on a school or district's end. In these situations, it can be up to parents to fill in the gaps that stand between students and success. This is especially true for parents of children with special needs.

Resources gap

Educational funding is never enough to meet the needs of every student. But, schools and districts do receive money in return for complying with certain incentives. 

Unfortunately, not all schools use the funding they do receive as they should. And not all schools receive the funding they deserve. These elements create a gap between the resources that a school should have and what it does have, as well as a gap between what a school should deliver and what it actually delivers.

Often, parents and other individuals must step in and spend time and money to ensure a student is getting meaningful access to the educational resources he or she deserves.

Assistance gap

Children with disabilities typically have an Individualized Education Program, or IEP, which defines any accommodations or services that a child might need. Often, these allocate specific forms of assistance, from in-class support staff to tutors and behavioral therapists. 

However, for many reasons, students do not receive the added assistance defined in an IEP. This could stem from lacking resources in the school, or it could be because the school chooses not to fulfill their obligations.

In either case, it again often falls on parents to cover the gap that students could fall into.

Parents of children with special needs are typically quite experienced in protecting their child, but it can become an unmanageable task when it comes to battling school administrators and district-wide policies. In these situations, it can be helpful to enlist the help of an experienced attorney who can fight on behalf of parents and students to pursue the outcome a child deserves.

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