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Apps to help parents, educators improve IEPs

Parents typically know what is best for their children, especially when they are young. However, there are occasions when parents need the help of others to address complicated issues.

Special education is one area where parents can benefit from the help and guidance of educational and legal professionals who are familiar with the process as well as the capabilities of tools like Individualized Education Programs. 

Yet, even when all these parties work together to create an IEP, there is still room for additional input to make the development process even easier. Luckily, there are several apps and digital tools that can do just that.

As discussed in this Tech Edvocate article, there are currently apps that can:

  • Track student progress digitally
  • Collect and analyze data on a child's performance
  • Help teachers manage multiple IEPs 
  • Facilitate communication between teachers and parents regarding an IEP
  • Screen students for math and reading abilities
  • Streamline writing of IEPs

IEP-related apps address many common pain points associated with IEPs. Some parents feel like an IEP is too complicated; teachers might feel overwhelmed by creating lesson plans that meet all their students' needs; all parties can feel frustrated when a child continues to struggle and no one is sure why. 

These and other similar apps can provide some insight and accountability that might otherwise be lacking, which can ultimately benefit everyone, including a child.

If your child has an IEP or may need one in the upcoming school year, you may want to consider these types of tools to determine if they might be helpful for your situation.

However, do not feel like you must have all the answers and information yourself. You will work with teachers and other educational workers to develop an IEP geared toward improving your child's academic experience, and you can discuss the options at IEP meetings.

Should you have questions or concerns about any step of the IEP process, you can consult an educational law attorney who can help you pursue a fair, satisfactory outcome.

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