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When special education services aren’t properly tailored to needs

It is critical for students with disabilities to get special education services tailored to their specific needs. When the support they get isn’t properly tailored, it could cause serious problems.

For one, it could result in them not getting enough support and dealing with classes that are too difficult.

However, it is also possible for the opposite problem to occur. Special needs kids could end up being put in too easy of classes. Or they could be given “help” that they don’t need that causes them to not be challenged by their school work. A recent Huffington Post article went over the problem of teachers and schools setting too low of expectations for special needs students.

Both of these classes of problems could harm the education and future of special needs kids. They could lead to such students not having the tools and learning skills they need to succeed when they go out into the real world.

What can parents of students with disabilities do to try ensure that the special education services their child receives are properly tailored? One way is through being a strong advocate for their child's interests in interactions with their child’s school. Among the interactions that can be key ones in regards to this issue are meetings regarding a child's IEP. IEP meetings play a big role in setting the level of services and support a special needs child receives.

Education lawyers can assist parents with developing and executing strategies for furthering their education goals for their special needs children in IEP meetings. Such attorneys can also help parents understand what options they have if they feel that the IEP process has not led to their child getting the right special education services.

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