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Literature curriculum and the fight against bullying

Many things can impact the quality of the education environment a special needs student has at school. One is whether they are subjected to bullying. Bullying can impact many things for a student with disabilities. This includes their overall education experience and how safe and free to learn they feel at school.

When a parent discovers that their special needs child has experienced bullying or something else that could harm their education experience at school, they may wonder what can be done to protect their child’s rights and well-being. Such parents can seek out advice on these issues from experienced education lawyers. Such attorneys can assist parents of kids with special needs in their efforts to work with their child’s school to address bullying or other issues they fear may be keep their child from getting the high-quality education they deserve.

Many things have the potential to be very impactful in the battle against bullying at schools. This includes what anti-bullying programs schools put in place. It also includes how schools incorporate bullying prevention into their everyday curriculum.

Recently, an author argued that one type of curriculum at schools that could play a big role in bullying prevention is literature curriculum. He argues that having kids read fictional books coming from diverse points of view could:

  • Help them better empathize with kids who are different from them (including different in their physical abilities).
  • Reduce their likelihood of bullying students with different backgrounds or characteristics than them.

How big of a role do you think what fiction books kids read at school could have when it comes to the issue of bullying? What would you like to see California schools do on this front when it comes to their literature curriculum?

Source: Education Dive, “Empathy instilled through fictional literature can curb bullying,” Linda Jacobson, Oct. 11, 2017

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