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AI and robotics: Future big players in education?

One place where new technologies can play a big role is in the classroom. Two technologies that could be poised to be major players in classrooms in future years are robotics and AI.

These technologies have already been turned towards some education applications. It is thought by some that AI and robotics technologies could lead to major developments in how kids are taught and the role of teachers in the classroom. Hopes have been expressed that such technologies could provide a range of educational opportunities for students. This includes opportunities when it comes to learning mathematics and other areas of study that touch on STEM fields.

In addition to opportunities, challenges can also come up when it comes to bringing new technologies into the classroom. Among the challenges that could arise when it comes to use of AI and robotics technologies in the classroom are challenges related to integrating such technologies into the curricula and education practices at a school. What happens regarding such integration could impact how much of a benefit students would actually see from use of AI and robotics in the classroom. It could also impact whether these technologies would prove to be burdensome on teachers.

So, one wonders what actions schools that do decide to try to have AI and robotics play a major role in their classrooms will take regarding the implementation of these technologies and the challenges that arise in relation to such implementation.

When it comes to new classroom technologies, what effects they would have on the overall education environment is not the only thing it can be critical to pay close attention to. Another thing that can be very impactful is what implications such technologies have for special needs students. Among the special issues that can arise for students with disabilities when it comes to new classroom technologies are:

  • How accessible such technologies will be to such students.
  • What applications such technologies could have when it comes to the unique education needs of such students.

What impacts do you think use of AI and robotics technologies will have on special education generally in the future? What do you think will be the most important things for school to keep in mind when it comes to using AI and robotics technology in the realm of special education?

Source: Education Dive, “Robotics and AI tech can revolutionize classroom ed,” Pat Donachie, July 6, 2017

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