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Fidget spinner bans at schools

Among the many rules schools have are rules on what kids can and cannot bring to class. One object that such rules have increasingly been coming up for lately are fidget spinners.

These small devices that can be spun have grown considerably in popularity among kids in recent times.

Lately, an increasing number of schools are opting to ban fidget spinners or put other restrictions on student use of them. Schools from many different parts of the country, including some here in California, have taken this route.

School bans on fidget spinners are raising a fair amount of debate. Part of this debate regards the fact that some argue that fidget spinners go far beyond just being a toy, but rather are able to help some children (such as special needs children) focus.

Schools which have restricted spinner use claim that many students are using such devices as toys rather than as therapy and that the devices can be distractions and pose safety risks at school.

Meanwhile, some critics of school bans on fidget spinners argue such bans could risk depriving some students of a helpful focus tool. They have expressed concerns that schools might use these bans too broadly.

Now, in schools that have restricted spinner use, there can be routes for special needs students who use spinners as a focus device to get permission to use a spinner in school for therapeutic purposes. If school bans on spinners continue to grow in prevalence, one wonders how common requests for such permission will be and how schools, generally, will responds to these requests. One also wonders if the future will see many disputes between parents and schools in relation to such requests.

Requests for special exemptions from school rules are one of the many issues that can become key ones for a parent in their efforts to ensure their special needs child is in the best position for success at school. A parent may want clarification on their options and guidance on the process from an education lawyer when making such a request for their child.

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