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Could special video game help kids with ADHD?

Video games are a major source of entertainment for children. Might video gaming, however, also provide a therapy route for kids with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder? A recent study yielded some interesting results regarding the effects of a special video game on kids with ADHD.

The video game in question is aimed at being therapeutic in nature and has a variety of different features. In the study, researchers had a group of children ages 8 to 11 play this game over the course of a month. During this month, the children played this game five days a week, for about 25 minutes a day.

Among the children who were participants in the study were 38 who suffered from “sensory processing dysfunction.” Of these kids, 20 also had ADHD, based on parent reports. Individuals with ADHD are among those who have a particularly high likelihood of having sensory processing dysfunction.

The study found that, after the month of playing the video game, some of the kids with both ADHD and sensory processing dysfunction experienced an improvement in attentiveness that was so great that they stopped fitting into the criteria for ADHD for a time.

According to parent reports, the improvements their children experienced lasted months afterwards.

It will be interesting to see if special video games like the one tested here will ultimately become one of the regularly available therapies for kids with ADHD.

Now, the improvements associated with the game weren’t equal among all the participants. Of the 20 participants with both ADHD and sensory processing dysfunction, only seven showed improvements to the point that they no longer appeared to meet ADHD criteria. The study also had other aspects that showed variation in benefits.

As this underscores, kids with disabilities (such as ADHD) can vary greatly in what effects different therapies would have on them, and thus in what therapies would be best suited for them.

Another area in which kids with ADHD or other disabilities can vary considerably is in what sorts of educational supports and services will best help them get the quality education they deserve. So, tailoring to a child’s individual needs is key with special education. This is a very important goal to be mindful of when it comes to IEPs. Skilled attorneys can help parents with their efforts to get the right IEP in place for their special needs child’s particular education needs.

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