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Can you seek mid-year changes to an IEP?

Even though it is the middle of the school year, parents of special needs kids still have the right to ask for a change. An IEP needs updating as appropriate..

A child’s growth and development is not constant but comes in spurts. We do not expect that a child will wear the same pair of shoes for a full year. So it is a wonder that may educators find a yearly review of an Individualized Education Plan sufficient to address special educational needs.

Parents with concerns should always submit them in writing and specifically request a review meeting. Save a copy for your records. Never trust that a conversation in the hallway or phone call will prompt action.

Triggers for a review

Halfway through the year is a good time to revisit the IEP. Lack of expected progress is a red flag. But there is still time in the year to review and revise a plan to get a special needs student back on track.

Some other times when parents need to follow up during the school year include:

  • New evaluations or prescriptions
  • Revaluations that contain different information
  • Concerns shared by a teacher
  • Changing needs

When special needs change, a student has the right to receive services in a timely manner.

Waiting until the next yearly review may be too long. It is imperative to address learning disabilities so that they do not compound. As lessons build on understanding core concepts, a student can easily be left behind and never catch back up.

If a school refuses a request to review an IEP, an attorney may be able to help advocate for necessary changes.


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