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Grant provides training on positive school discipline

After many lean years, California lawmakers have set aside $10 million to fund training for teachers and administrators on more positive methods of disciplining students. This multi-tiered system of supports ranges from a positive school climate to individualized counseling.

While some schools across the state have already implemented multi-tiered systems, the new funding will allow more to adopt the model. The system shifts the focus away from punitive measures (i.e. suspension) to the underlying reasons that cause the misbehavior.

The first-tier involves creating a positive climate for all students including those with special needs. Teachers may spend more time getting to know what is happening in the lives of their students. Second-tier interventions, such as small group counseling are offered to students with behavior or academic problems. At the third-tier, a student might receive individual counseling.

Additional training and the tiered system provides schools with more tools to address behavior issues. Even as  schools across the state incorporate the new model, there are still times that a school may seek serious punishment including suspension or expulsion.

There are ways to challenge such extreme measures when they do not seem to fit what happened. A school may not have all the relevant information prior to recommending a suspension. In other cases, children with learning disabilities receive harsher discipline.

There are many reasons to fight to keep your child in the classroom and at his or her current school. Speaking with an attorney is one was to pursue a lesser punishment and develop a plan to address school concerns.

Source:, “Budget allocates $10 million for training in positive discipline,” Susan Frey, July 16, 2015

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