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Students have rights, and the schools must respect them

When you think of the legal system, or a court of law, or a lawsuit, or really anything that deals with the terms "legal," your first thought probably isn't about schools and students. The two concepts simply don't mix, at least in the minds of many people. This could be due to the fact that we think of school and students as innocent and happy. That's the way they are supposed to be.

But as we all know, this isn't always the case. And as a result, the worlds of law and school often mix. Not every school is perfect, just like every student isn't perfect. So when a school acts out of line (may it be administrative negligence or some other irresponsible action) or a student acts out of line, there are legal process in place to deal with either situation.

In terms of a student acting out, they may be suspended or expelled as a result of their behavior. However, what many parents may not even realize is that the school has to follow a strict process when suspending or expelling a student. They can't just suspend or expel anyone they want for any reason they want. They have to take such action with cause (and prove it), and they have to inform the parents of such action.

If the school fails to do this, your student may have a case to have the suspension or expulsion dissolved. If you are in such a legal situation, please call Steven A. Greenburg to help your student stand up for his life and his future.

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