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What is the remedy when a school fails to follow education laws?

Whether students across the United States realize it or not, they are afforded a number of protections including the right to equal education. Any school that receives federal funding, including some schools that do not, must adhere to federal and state education laws that provide every student with the education they deserve.

A look at optic nerve atrophy in the classroom

Out of the five senses, most people would consider vision to be the most important because it gives us the ability to better understand the world around us through visualization. Although people with vision problems generally find visualization to be a challenge or impossible altogether, most find ways of adapting by using their other senses to compensate.

How should schools address the needs of ADHD students?

Schools here in California, as well as across the nation, have a duty to provide the best possible education to students regardless of whether they are special needs or not. In order to make sure that no student is left behind, school administrators and teachers need to be aware of their students' needs and make adjustments to the student's learning environment if necessary.

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