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School district to vote on sale of special-ed buses

As we have said many times before, students with special needs have just as much of a right to a proper education as any other student. In order to achieve this, these students often require special services including modified transportation to get to and from school. If the school district does not offer these services, the student could miss out on the benefits of an education and the school district could find itself facing potential issues for this decision.

Will changes to funding system leave California schools behind?

Did you know that since the late 1970s, public schools in the state of California have had little authority over where they allocate funds? Under the old system, schools were given a “pot of general dollars for every student,” which was then divvied up according to state guidelines. To comply with this two-tiered system, schools had to make sure that funding was being allocated to specific programs, such as special education, or risk losing that funding.

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