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January 2014 Archives

Problem with IEP prompted rulings for special needs student

The mother of a child suffering from autism, ADHD and an intellectual disability finally was provided favorable decisions by her state's department of education.  The department ruled on Dec. 18 that the school district in question failed to provide an appropriate education for her child for the 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 school years.

California Supreme Court rules on special education matter

One California resident was diagnosed with specific learning deficiencies when he was in second grade. He unfortunately ran into problems with the law at the age of 15. He then was placed into a juvenile facility where he was provided with special education as mandated by the California Education Code.

School district sued for denying special education classes

There have been two separate lawsuits recently filed in federal court concerning possible difficulties that parents have faced regarding the education of their children. In one of these matters parents claim that school officials would not provide their daughter with special education services.

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