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Procedural safeguards notice: confusing rather than informative?

It goes without saying that parents of children with special needs must be intimately involved – indeed, the central participants – in all discussions relevant to their loved ones’ educational programs and opportunities. It would be nonsensical if they weren’t.

And yet they often aren’t.

Wait-and-see attitude emerges re key LAUSD special ed development

One relevant voice terms it “an important milestone.”

Another responds that strong endorsements of a judicial agreement concerning special education in the Los Angeles Unified School District are both premature and overly laudatory. In fact, says agreement monitor David Rostetter, they are “misguided.”

California school district gets proactive about special education

A mentor in a new California special education program says that working closely with special education students is “an honor and a privilege like no other.”

We second that viewpoint at our Santa Cruz special education law firm. Attorney Steven A. Greenburg has spent decades of his life and working career advocating diligently for students with learning disabilities, both as a teacher and clinical director and as legal counsel promoting their interests and those of their families.

How does the special education assessment/eligibility process work?

Federal law mandates a commission of relevant school resources applicable to the needs of students with special education requirements.

And the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act does far more than just that. As we note on our website at the California special education law firm of Steven A. Greenburg, IDEA “requires schools to develop appropriate Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) for each child eligible for special education services.”

Focus on IEPs in California, elsewhere in new teachers’ survey

The national nonprofit group Council for Exceptional Children conducted a survey earlier this year that should intensely interest all K-12 educators, school regulators, parents and others who logically care about educational quality and delivery.

One of its core findings was this: Barely more than half of general education teachers responding nationally to the survey view Individualized Education Programs as being of much worth to them in their interactions with special education students. Commentary on the survey stresses that legions of general-ed instructors see IEPs “as mere paperwork.”

How should California apply increased special education funding?

When it comes to funding for special education and California’s students with disabilities, Gov. Gavin Newsom and legions of lawmakers spanning the state agree … to disagree.

No one is arguing that California’s special education programs don’t urgently need a material infusion of money. What is being debated (and rather stridently), though, is the approach that should be taken to best promote optimal outcomes for special ed programs throughout the state.

How is CA special education poised to change in near future?

Things aren’t uniformly positive when it comes to blurred lines. Blurriness is often linked to a lack of clarity and standards that are more amorphous than workable.

In the realm of California’s special education programs, though, a universe primarily marked by blurred lines is something that progressively more parents and educators are embracing.

Spotlighting excellence, commitment in the special education realm

We imagine that many readers of our California special education blog at Steven A. Greenburg in Santa Cruz had one or more teachers that they remember with fondness and deep gratitude. A former student’s feelings of thankfulness for quality teaching often endure for decades and even a lifetime.

It is likely that Erin Castillo will be regarded that way in future years by students whose lives she is positively affecting right now. It seems altogether appropriate to spotlight such a quality instructor in the near wake of last week’s national Teacher Appreciation Week.

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