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Spotlighting excellence, commitment in the special education realm

We imagine that many readers of our California special education blog at Steven A. Greenburg in Santa Cruz had one or more teachers that they remember with fondness and deep gratitude. A former student’s feelings of thankfulness for quality teaching often endure for decades and even a lifetime.

It is likely that Erin Castillo will be regarded that way in future years by students whose lives she is positively affecting right now. It seems altogether appropriate to spotlight such a quality instructor in the near wake of last week’s national Teacher Appreciation Week.

CA grant will promote special ed “train the trainer” agenda

San Diego State Assistant Professor Jessica Suhrheinrich refers to a “misconception” she views as being apparent in the realm of special education. Namely, that is the widely held view that a skilled teacher can forge optimal classroom outcomes after receiving and subsequently applying “some initial training.”

That training is both coveted and valuable, but the “initial” tag denotes its limitations. Gifted teachers often do take circumscribed new learning and apply it in wondrous ways for their students, but newly imparted knowledge without additional and ongoing support will logically have only marginal utility.

What are some primary consideration re IEP due process hearings?

State and federal laws mandate that American children with learning and other disabilities have a right to a meaningful education. That is as it should be, of course, and pro-child/pro-parent special education attorneys often deem it their privileged life’s work to fully promote that crucially important interest.

Centrally important in the special education sphere in California and nationally is the so-called Individualized Education Plan that is developed between parents and relevant officials. An IEP is an action plan that sets forth the type and parameters of services and related accommodations that a student needs in a given case.

CA would-be law seeks tighter controls over nonpublic schools

Readers of our Santa Cruz special education blog at Steven A. Greenburg might reasonably believe that California officials can instantly shut down a nonpublic school when it has unquestionably compromised a child’s safety or health.

As sensible as it sounds, though, it is not the prerogative presently of state authorities.

How key is inclusion for special education students?

As they say, “the proof is in the pudding.”

At one time (and tragically so), it was widely believed that children with special learning needs of any type were best served by being isolated from other students and generally kept apart from the wider learning community.

For parents wondering about their child’s special education rights

Do you ever wonder as a California parent if your child is being shortchanged by curtailed educational prospects? Do you perhaps think that learning opportunities routinely afforded others are not as readily available to your son or daughter owing to a disability or singular challenge?

Rest assured, no law sanctions such an outcome for California students participating in special education programs. In fact, bedrock protections have long existed to safeguard every child’s legal entitlements. We expressly note in a recent blog post at the proven education law firm of Steven A. Greenburg in Santa Cruz a key point that should make parents of children with special needs feel empowered.

Would you want a camera in your child's classroom?

Every parent wants to know that their child is safe at school. They want to feel like there are teachers, administrators and other staff members looking out for their children and working to ensure the environment is free from dangerous conditions and people.

Sadly, there are children who get hurt at school; they suffer physical or emotional injuries at the hands of other students, teachers and others. When these troubling incidents occur, parents often wonder if something could have been done to keep their child safe. One increasingly common suggestion is to place cameras inside classrooms.

How special education enrollment is changing in California

Assistance for special education students has never been more prevalent in the California education system. And awareness for the needs of these students has never been greater. That said, there is still a long way to go in terms of getting critical services and academic resources to the students that deserve them.

Unfortunately, it may not be getting any easier. According to a recent report, enrollment for special education students has surged over the last 10 years in California. Enrollment for students with autism alone have spiked 18 percent in the last two years. Though there is still some debate over why this is happening, it could have a dramatic effect on students.

Making the second half of the school year better for your child

Students across California are returning to school after the winter break, whether they feel ready or not. Unfortunately, some students may be dreading this return, particularly if they had a difficult first half of the year.

If your child is among those who struggled, then there are ways you can help them improve their experience in the second half of the year.

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