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Why parents often enlist proven legal help at IEP meetings

Angie Krum is a writer whose work regularly appears in a variety of national publications.

Like legions of other people, she is also a parent. A piece that Krum recently wrote for one magazine underscores her identity as the mother of a middle-school student with special educational needs.

California special ed teachers cite staff shortages, lack of support

“We’re doing everything they ask of us and we still don’t get answers; we still don’t get the support.”

So says one California special education teacher employed at a facility in the San Diego Unified School District.

Low-income schools, big-time teaching problems

The nonprofit journalism website EdSource describes in a recent in-depth article a fundamental and persistent – and, candidly, unsurprising – problem that persists in California’s vast K-12 educational system.

Namely, that is this: The school districts having the highest number of special-needs children with distinct and compelling learning needs have the fewest resources to respond properly.

This new special ed-linked bill will hopefully pass, make a difference

It’s payback, long overdue.

That’s certainly one way to look at prospective federal legislation geared toward augmenting state coffers being stockpiled with funds targeting students’ special education needs.

California enacts new special-ed law relevant to nonpublic schools

We know that many readers of our California special education legal blog remember well a horrific incident that occurred at a middle school in the state late last year.

That sad narrative was comprehensively reported in media outlets across California. It involves an episode at the now-defunct Guiding Hands, a nonpublic school that operated in the Sacramento area enclave of El Dorado Hills.

What are your rights as the parent of a special education student?

First of all, this bit of clarification is required and immediately noted here: It’s a right, not a privilege.

And those claiming it should feel empowered about doing so, not shamed or left feeling as though they are supplicants asking for favors.

Procedural safeguards notice: confusing rather than informative?

It goes without saying that parents of children with special needs must be intimately involved – indeed, the central participants – in all discussions relevant to their loved ones’ educational programs and opportunities. It would be nonsensical if they weren’t.

And yet they often aren’t.

Wait-and-see attitude emerges re key LAUSD special ed development

One relevant voice terms it “an important milestone.”

Another responds that strong endorsements of a judicial agreement concerning special education in the Los Angeles Unified School District are both premature and overly laudatory. In fact, says agreement monitor David Rostetter, they are “misguided.”

California school district gets proactive about special education

A mentor in a new California special education program says that working closely with special education students is “an honor and a privilege like no other.”

We second that viewpoint at our Santa Cruz special education law firm. Attorney Steven A. Greenburg has spent decades of his life and working career advocating diligently for students with learning disabilities, both as a teacher and clinical director and as legal counsel promoting their interests and those of their families.

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