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Every child is entitled to an education. If your child attends public school and that school intends to suspend or expel him or her, you have the right to challenge this action. Speak with a lawyer with significant experience handling education law matters. In northern California, contact the education law firm of Steven A. Greenburg.

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Since 1992, Steven A. Greenburg has represented clients throughout northern California who seek legal help with education law matters. If your son or daughter faces suspension, we can help.

Discipline Issues

If your child attends public school, that school must afford your child due process before it can suspend or expel him or her. That means the school must notify you in advance of its intention to suspend or expel and provide you with an opportunity to challenge that action.

Our experience has given us insight into the weaknesses of the school's arguments in favor of the suspension or expulsion action. In some instances, the punishment is not commensurate with the child's actions that may have prompted the suspension or expulsion. In other instances, the school's decision is based on faulty or incomplete information.

In all such circumstances, we will seek to reduce the severity of punishment or cancel the suspension or expulsion entirely.

We help parents dealing with this issue in one of two ways. We offer one-time consultations for parents to inform them of their rights when the child is up for suspension or expulsion. Alternatively, we can represent your child through the suspension process, the appeal of the suspension and at an expulsion hearing.

Disproportionate Discipline

In some instances, schools discipline students with learning disabilities more harshly than other students or at a disproportionate rate. We will advocate for your child's interests and make sure he or she is treated fairly.

Other Matters

We also handle disputes over inter-district school transfers.

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