Special Education ● Disabled-Student Issues ● IEP Meetings

The education law office of Steven A. Greenburg is a full-service law firm located in Santa Cruz that helps parents, students, teachers and private school administrators with a wide variety of education and special education issues. We have served the clinical and legal needs of clients throughout northern California for over 20 years.

Our Services

  • Special Education - IEP Meetings: Federal law requires public, private and charter schools that receive federal funding to provide special-education services to disabled students. If your child is not getting the special education he or she needs, we can help. Under the law, you have the right to request special education eligibility and an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) to obtain the services and accommodations your child needs. We advocate for parents in IEP meetings and disciplinary hearings that determine your child's eligibility for special programming. Our advocacy does not end at the eligibility stage. We will advocate for special-needs children to ensure they get the education and attention they deserve.
  • Special Education - Due Process Hearings & Compliance Complaints: If the decision at the IEP meeting is to deny your child the educational services he or she needs, we will represent your child's interests in administrative appeals and in due process hearings, if necessary. If an IEP has been established but it is not being implemented fully or is not effective, we can file a state or federal compliance complaint, or request a due process hearing and demand the IEP be properly implementation or corrected to meet your child's education requirements.
  • Education Law: Even children have due process rights. A student facing suspension or expulsion from public school is entitled to an administrative hearing to determine if the punishment is justified. Your child is entitled to a public education. Before the school can suspend or expel your child, it must demonstrate significant cause to deny your child an education in the public school he or she is attending. We have successfully represented parents and students at these hearings. If your child has a truancy issue, the State Attendance Review Board (SARB) may hold a hearing to decide if your child deserves discipline or if the parents require sanctioning. We have extensive experience representing parents and their children at these hearings. If your child has a legitimate reason for missing school, we will contest the school's attempt to penalize your or your student.

To learn more about your rights to request special education services or to challenge a school's disciplinary action against your child, contact attorney Greenburg at our Santa Cruz office at 831-458-9900.