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Welcome to Steven A. Greenburg, Education Law

Experienced Northern California Education Lawyer

Who We Are

At the education law firm of Steven A. Greenburg, we focus exclusively on special education and education law issues. Our office is located in Santa Cruz. For over 15 years, we have served the clinical and education law needs of clients throughout northern California. Contact our Santa Cruz office at 831-458-9900 to schedule an appointment.

Our Mission

We're dedicated to advising and representing clients in special education law and student discipline issues. Our clients include parents and their children with special needs, teachers and private schools.

Our Services

There are state and federal safeguards to ensure that every child receives an education. At the education law firm of Steven A. Greenburg, we protect this entitlement. We have comprehensive experience with a wide variety of special education and education law issues.

If your child needs education or special-education services and the county or school denies you access to them, we can help. If you want to challenge a public school's suspension or expulsion of your child, you have an effective advocate in attorney Steven A. Greenburg. We also help private schools comply with state and federal requirements for special-education services and procedures.

An Exclusive Focus on Education Issues

Our practice concentrates exclusively on education issues, with a primary focus on special-education law. We are selective in choosing clients so we can provide them with the personal attention and professional effort they deserve.

Special-Education Law • IEP Meetings • Child Advocacy

Special Education - IEP Meetings

If your son or daughter requires special education services to be provided by the school district, you will need an Individualized Education Plan (IEP); you must qualify for these services. The school will conduct an IEP meeting to determine whether your son or daughter qualifies for the special education he or she requires. We can represent you at the meeting and any subsequent adversarial proceeding.

Special Education - Due Process Hearings & Compliance Complaints

If your son or daughter is denied eligibility for special education, if you are dissatisfied with the IEP or with the way the IEP is being administered, you have a right to appeal administratively or file a state or federal compliance complaint. We have considerable experience advocating for our clients' interests in all these proceedings.

Education Law

If your child's public school has threatened suspension or expulsion or has already suspended or expelled your child, we can challenge the school's action. We will also represent your child in any subsequent appeals.

Attorney Steven A. Greenburg has provided advice and guidance in education and special education law since 1992. To schedule an appointment, contact our office at 831-458-9900.